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ATV Tires Canada

Phil and Oliver Clermont started their small e-commerce business with only a few employees and settled into their new building in Vars, Ontario a little over a year ago.  They were excited to work with loyal, educated and dependable individuals and welcomed the opportunity to work with our Supported Employment program.  Since then, their business has quickly grown from All-Terrain Vehicles, extending to the Snowmobile and Motorcycle industry.

Michael Dagenais consistent and collaborative job searching efforts in the program yielded an opportunity with this brand new employer in September of 2018. Michael’s cerebral palsy did not hinder his motivation to succeed. His educational background and infectious personality made him an ideal candidate for the Catalog Data Manager position.

Al Phillips joined the ATV Tires Canada team in February 2018 as a second Catalog Data Manager. Al’s social anxiety, inquisitive nature, and passion for continuous learning will surely provide a strong foundation for success, in this new position.We are honored to have witnessed such accomplishments and wish Phil, Olivier, Michael and Al continued growth and success.