Pictured Above 
Christopher Snoeks and Bev Butcher

Christopher Snoeks registered with the Supported Employment program, after moving here from British Columbia. He was eager to expand his skills and wanted to work in the food industry. As a person with Downs Syndrome, Christopher’s qualities shined through.  His amazing personality and willingness to learn led him to an opportunity at Harvey’s Restaurant.  Since July 2018, Christopher has worked hard, shown immense dedication and with the support of his Supervisor, Bev Butcher, he has been able to surpass his goals and remains permanent team member!

Bev has managed Harvey’s for many years and is known in our community for being an inclusive employer. Bev believes that everyone has a right to participate in the workforce.  She believes that providing guidance, understanding the abilities of the individual, encouraging time management skills, along with being accountable, are some of the fundamentals to being successful in your position.  Her words will remain with us for many years to come. “I do not accommodate the Disability, I accommodate the Ability”.   It is with great pride that we celebrate Christopher’s success and wish him well in future endeavors!