Peter Gray PPRC, Seth Luimes, Varsha Vala Owner/Manager
Three people standing in front of the Value Inn
Left to right: Peter Gray PPRC, Seth Luimes and Varsha Vala Owner/Manager Value Inn


Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC) has worked with Varsha Vala the General Manager of the Value Inn many times over the last ten years.  PPRC provides vocational expertise to persons with disabilities and assists them in finding employment.  Varsha is always looking to find reliable employees and the Inclusion Alliance helps with that process.  Varsha met Linda Simpson of PPRC a little over ten years ago and they have worked together ever since.  Varsha’s philosophy is to look beyond the disability and hire for ability.

“Working with PPRC is really great,” says Varsha, “they help identify potential employees and then they help with the onboarding process and training.  They provide job coaches if needed and as a small business that is essential because it frees up my time.”

Seth Luimes is working at Value Inn and has been there for seven months.  Seth Lumines selected PPRC as his Service Provider and started working with the rehabilitation consultant, to hone his resume and refine his job search goals.  He was matched with Value Inn and was hired by Varsha.  Seth works part time and does outside maintenance.  He looks after the exterior of the Inn and is responsible for maintaining the yards and sidewalks throughout the seasons.

Peter Gray is the Rehabilitation Consultant from PPRC that works with Seth.  Peter says, “Seth is on the autism spectrum and finding work has been a challenge.” We worked together and found him something that he wanted to do with an employer who was willing to give him a chance.  Working with the PPRC has provided him the opportunity he wanted.  “I am very happy here at my job.” says Seth, “It gives me more independence and the pay helps me buy things I would like.”

Varsha is happy with Seth’s performance, “he works independently, and he gets along with the other staff.  I have increased his role as he gains more experience.  I like working with the job seekers from PPRC, they have proven to be reliable and hard workers.”

Any business that is looking for employees should consider contacting PPRC to access their talented pool.  There is no cost to the employer and the team of counsellors, job developers and job coaches will assist in finding the right match ensuring a successful outcome for both the employer and client.

Visit the webpage at or PPRC may be reached by calling 1-613-748-3220 or via email to