Picture 3 people in front of the Fieldless Farms sign

Fieldless Farms – Hiring for Success

Patrick Knowles is the Director of Operations at Fieldless Farms, they grow produce using innovative and new techniques.  They can grow product year-round even in the Canadian climate using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).  Fieldless also uses the innovative approach of hiring for success, they are an inclusive employer that searches out talent wherever they can find it.

Peter Gray, a Rehabilitation Consultant with the Inclusion Alliance and Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC), met Patrick through an Ontario Works Program and they began working together.  The Inclusion Alliance is a consortium between PPRC and Job Zone d’emploi, they have combined resources to deliver employment services to persons living with a disability in Cornwall, Akwesasne and the surrounding Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

As a new business, Patrick was looking to find employees that could be dependable and fit in to the team.  Peter works with persons with a disability and he assists them in establishing career goals and finding suitable employment.

Tricia O’Shaughnessy lives in the area and was seeking help with finding work, she joined the Inclusion Alliance and began working with Peter.  Peter did the labour market research and arranged for the introduction of Tricia to Patrick at Fieldless Farms.  It has been six months and she is still there working as a Production Worker tending to the produce and harvesting.  Tricia enjoys her job, given the current times, she is very happy to be with Fieldless Farms.  She currently works part time; however Patrick advises that although the pandemic has slowed expansion, he hopes to have Tricia working full time as the workload increases.

“The people are good, I like working here and I like the work,” Tricia says, “I hope to increase my hours but it is good to learn the job and I appreciate the opportunity.”

“We have been working with Peter and the Inclusion Alliance for close to a year,” Patrick states, “He has identified several of our employees for us and he has always been available to help with the onboarding process.  Tricia is working out great and I hope that she will eventually expand her hours and join us full time.”

“The relationship with Peter and the Inclusion Alliance has been a great benefit to us, I can focus on the company and let him help us to find suitable workers for our employment opportunities.” Says Patrick.

If you are seeking dependable employees who fit your team, call The Inclusion Alliance at 613-933-9675 or visit the website www.inclusionalliance.ca . You may also reach Peter Gray through PPRC at 1-613-748-3220. We are here to help make your hiring needs easier.