Charter of Customer and Employer Services

Our commitment includes:

1. Treating everyone with respect, dignity and fairness.
2. Inclusive practices that do not limit accessibility for clients.
3. Commitment to the supported employment model and working with partners in a fair and open manner.
4. Demonstrating empathy and carrying out work in a person-centred way to deliver solution focused outcomes and identify various ways to overcome barriers.
5. Developing a positive working environment for employers and people with disabilities.
6. Increasing mechanisms, knowledge and resources to create employment opportunities.
7. Ensuring data integrity for measurable and consistent reports that accurately provide the information required to identify and maintain best practices.

Our Values

These key values shape the way we provide our services:

1. Providing the best quality service to both job seekers and employers.
2. The provision of client-centred employment services to people with disabilities which respect the dignity, aspirations and choices of each individual.
3. Sharing resources, knowledge and expertise to ensure the delivery of a high quality standardized service.
4. Openness and accountability to ensure trust and mutual support.
5. Ensuring data integrity to accurately reflect the number of referrals and the pathway of service that follow.
6. Maintaining the best interests of the Inclusion Alliance and our partners.