Here are some of the most common myths about hiring employees with disabilities:

FACT: A 1990 DuPont study of employees with disabilities found that 90% rated average or better than average in job performance. People with disabilities can be just as productive and in some cases more productive than people without disabilities. It’s all about matching the right job seeker to the right kind of work and the right environment.

FACT: Several studies by firms like DuPont and International Telephone and Telegraph confirm that almost all employees with disabilities were not absent any more than workers without disabilities. You can view more on that topic on the Ability First website.

FACT: A study by Sears looked at the cost of accommodating hundreds of employees with disabilities over the course of 14 years. 69% cost nothing, 28% cost less than $1,000, and only 3% cost over $1,000. If you choose to participate in the Supported Employment Program, the Inclusion Alliance will assist in identifying these kinds of accommodations for the employee with a disability.

FACT: Depending on their disability, people can drive, use public transportation, carpool, take a cab, or walk. They are perfectly capable of planning their commute to arrive on time.

FACT: Insurance rates are determined by the hazards (or lack thereof) on the job site. A massive study of 279 companies conducted in the US showed that 90% of the companies saw no increase in insurance costs due to the hiring of employees with disabilities. Similarly, studies have shown that employees with disabilities are actually less likely than others to have accidents.