Over the years, the members of the Inclusion Alliance have had an incredible success rate in finding jobs for people with disabilities.

A quote from the parent of one of our job seekers:

“Thank you so much for your help and help provided by Job Zone d’emploi throughout the years. Sylvain is back at work and is so happy to be back!! He loves working at Benson, he likes the people there.”

Source: Bernadette Dubeau, on behalf of her son.

What We Do for Job Seekers

The Supported Employment Program provides job seekers with disabilities with some or all of the following services, depending on their needs and wants:

1. A skills and needs assessment. This includes learning what your strengths and skills are, and about your career goals. We also discuss any barriers to employment you may be facing. Then we work with you to develop a plan to assist you with finding employment that fits your needs. When needed, we refer you to our community partners for any other types of assistance you may need.
2. Training. We provide workshops on resume writing, how to use job search tools, as well as doing well in job interviews.
3. Assistance with finding a job. Where possible, we match you with suitable opportunities with employers who are interested in hiring someone with a disability. Your team can also provide you with mock job interviews, or in some cases even accompany you to the interview.
4. Helping your employer prepare for you for work. If you’re hired, we can help your new employer adapt their workplace and culture to make them more accessible and inclusive. When needed we provide funds to buy assistive devices and adaptive technology that you need to do the job.
5. Assisting you with adapting to the workplace and overcoming challenges. In some cases, our job seekers want assistance with adjusting to tasks that come up on the job. While we can’t do the job for you, we can assist you with supports to help you do a great job. If you ever find that there’s a problem with the job, we can work with you and your employer to find a solution.

Supported Employment is a very flexible program, and the exact steps and forms of assistance will be based on your needs.

You’ll Have Your Own Supportive Team

Your team will include an employment consultant and a job developer (and if needed a job coach). They will be with you for as long as you need them.

Most of our job seekers find that it’s better to work with the same team on an ongoing basis.

Do I Qualify for the Supported Employment Program?

If you meet all of the following, you can apply for our program:

1. Do you self-identify as a person with a disability under Section 10.1 of the Ontario Human Rights Code?
2. Are you a resident of Ontario?
3. Are you legally eligible to work in Canada?
4. Are you currently unemployed, or are you a full time secondary or post-secondary student in your final year?

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